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The Dachshund Clothing Line

The Dachshund Clothing Line has a full line of Dachshund clothes fitted exactly for Miniature and Standard Dachshunds length and shape!

Sized and shaped for Dachshunds with a long, round body, almost no tuck and very short legs!

Dachshund clothes are also a great fit for Maltese, Bichon Frise, Shi-Tzu, Havanese, short legged Jack Russels and more!

The Dachshund Clothing Line has 6 sizes:

Petite 11-12" Length 13-14.5" Girth- Under 6 months

XSmall 12-13" Length 14-15.5" Girth- Small Miniature

Small 13-14" Length 15-16.5" Girth- Average Miniature

Medium 15-16" Length 17-18.5" Girth- Long Miniature

Large 17-18" Length 19-21" Girth- Standard

XLarge 19-20" Length 21-23" Girth- Standard

Please include your dog's Length and Girth in the Comments section of your order to ensure the best fit!

All our clothing is made in the USA.
We ship worldwide!