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Dachshund Heavyweight Sweatshirts

Dachshund Heavyweight Sweatshirts" title="Dachshund Heavyweight SweatshirtsWhen the winds are chilly and the ground is colder, the Dachshund Sweatshirt is IDEAL! It provides the warmth needed outside when a winter coat is too heavy and inside if a house is too cold. Perfect for Dachshunds in weather 50 degrees and above. They are made of heavy fleeced cotton and have a 1" harness opening. Dachshund Sweatshirts come in six sizes: petite through extra large. They are machine washable/dryable and made in the USA.

Dachshund sweatshirts are also a great fit on Bichon Frise, Maltese, Havanese, Short Legged Jack Russels and other small dogs of a similar shape and leg length!

All our clothing is made in the USA.
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