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Miniature Heavy Fleece Bodysuits

Miniature Heavy Fleece Bodysuits" title="Miniature Heavy Fleece BodysuitsThe Miniature Clothing Line is designed specifically for all dogs about 12" in length. Our Miniature Heavy Fleece Bodysuit is made of beautiful velour fleece, has 6" leggings, a harness opening, covers the belly, and will keep your dog warm outside. It resists rain and is machine washable/dryable, but should not be worn inside for long periods unless the temperature is less than 50 degrees.

This line is great for Miniature Poodles, Min-Pins, Chihuahuas, Jack Russells, Fox Terriers and many others.

Please write down your dog's breed, their length from neck to tail, and their girth in the comments section!

All our clothing is made in the USA.
We ship worldwide!