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Italian Greyhound Rompers

Italian Greyhound Rompers" title="Italian Greyhound RompersA French Terry stretch cotton onesie that covers the whole body! Perfect for air conditioning, cool days, covers bandages and stitches, so no more "Cone of Shame", alopecia. Great outdoors in cool weather. Machine wash/dry. Made in the USA.

For dogs with high sensitivity to sunlight, Rompers protect the entire body from the sun. In the summer, wear outside and cool your IG down by wetting the bodysuit with cold water!

In weather 57 degrees and above Rompers are perfect for:

Warmth on windy and cool days

A little extra cover on cool nights

Rides in air conditioned cars

Agility practice warm ups

Long stays in cool houses

Protection from the sun

Boat rides and camping trips

Lounging around

Sleeping Jammies!!

All our clothing is made in the USA.
We ship worldwide!