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The Whippet Clothing Line

A full line of fitted Whippet clothes styled for the breed! The Whippet Clothing Line is form fitting, fashionable and functional.

Whippets need specially designed clothes for their unique shape and the various sizes of their breed. The Whippet Clothing Line has Whippet Sweaters, Bodysuits, Sweatshirts, Jammies & more, fitted and sized just for a Whippets length and shape!

The Whippet Clothing Line can also fit large Italian Greyhounds, Beagles, Viszlas, small Salukis, Afghans, Wheaton Terriers, Weimaraners, and Pit Bulls, too!


Size 20: Length 19-20" Girth 21-22.5" Height 20"

Size 22: Length 21-22" Girth 23-24.5" Height 22"

Size 24: Length 23-24" Girth 25.5-27" Height 24"

LENGTH- Base of Neck (2.5" in front of Withers) to end of back leg GIRTH- Circumference of the chest at its deepest HEIGHT- Floor to top of back- 20" 22" 24"

To insure the best fit use a soft measuring tape. Please put your dog's length, girth and height in the comments section of your order! Letting us know if you consider your Whippet to be small, average or large also helps determine the correct size for your dog.

All our clothing is made in the USA.
We ship worldwide!