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Dachshund Windblock Fleece Bodysuits" title="Dachshund Windblock Fleece BodysuitsThe Dachshund Windblock Bodysuit is a 3 layered fleece that is completely waterproof and windproof! This fleece offers the highest level of resistance to wind and rain and the most warmth of all bodysuits. It is used by the leading sportswear manufacturer, Patagonia, for active R4 jackets.

The outer fleece is velvety rich and feels as soft as butter. It is water repellant to fight off the elements as well as stains. The textured inner fleece adds to the insulation properties. Sandwiched in between is a polyurethene barrier to block the wind, while allowing moisture transmission for "breathable" comfort. The bodysuit stretches and is machine washable, and air dried, which takes only minutes. The Windblock Fleece Bodysuit is great for the harsh winter, windy and snowy weather, and below freezing temperatures. It will keep your dog warm from 50 degrees to 15 degrees, and should never be worn inside.

Our Fleece Windblock Bodysuit provides outstanding warmth and comfort as well as good looks!

A unique fabric that is designed to keep the body warm from cold temperatures and right down to frigid conditions. It is made of a plush fleece outside, a fleece inside, and a laminate layer in between to block out the wind, yet still let the body breathe.

Waterproof, toasty warm, and completely strechable, there is nothing better to wear for a cold winter! The outside layer dries in minutes, and the inside is never wet. Always wash in cold water, and air dry.

Dachshund Windblock Bodysuits come in 5 sizes:

XSmall 12-13" Length 14-15.5" Girth- Small Miniature

Small 13-14" Length 15-16.5" Girth- Average Miniature

Medium 15-16" Length 17-18.5" Girth- Long Miniature

Large 17-18" Length 19-21" Girth- Average Standard

XLarge 19-20" Length 21-23" Girth- Long Standard

Please include your dog's Length and Girth in the Comments section of your order to ensure the best fit!

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