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Wonderful Whippet Fleece Bodysuits & Hooded Fleece Bodysuit

Whippet Fleece Bodysuits and Hooded BodysuitsA supersoft heavy fleece bodysuit designed to set a new protection standard for Whippets! Its' form fitting shape covers Whippets from head to toe, with a turtleneck, four leggings and total belly coverage. These suits have no velcro, zippers or clasps. They have 2 buttonholes for either a harness or a standard leash easily. Bodysuits are cut to allow dogs to perform ALL activities without interference. The bodysuit stretches for easy on/off, resists rain, is machine washable/dryable.

Made from the best velour fleece, this bodysuit is perfect for cold weather- it protects and provides great warmth for your dog. It should not be worn inside!

NOW! THE HOODED FLEECE BODYSUIT! A heavy fleece bodysuit with an extra long neck that covers the whole head! It will cover your Whippet in extremely cold weather. The black and hunter bodysuits are made of extra heavy fleece and should only be worn in weather below 35 degrees. The Plaid may be worn below as well as above 35 degrees. As always, please do not keep the bodysuit on your Whippet inside the house.

Photo Above: Cecil and Lyyli in Alaska- winter 2009


Measure the length from base of neck to base of tail, and the girth of your dog. Girths are 2- 2.5" larger than the length. If your Whippets' girth is over 3" larger, order next larger size. Please type these measurements in the "Comments" section of your order form.


20: Length 20" Girth 21.5 -23"

22: Length 22" Girth 23.5 -25"

24: Length 24" Girth 25.5 -27"

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