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Dachshund Rompers

Dachshund RompersStretch cotton bodysuits for Dachshunds- a perfect fit for Spring, Summer & Fall- Indoors & Out!

Rompers are great to wear when your dog must be kept from biting & scratching the skin, or pulling at stitches & wounds. when dogs wear Rompers, there is no need for the "Cone of Shame"!

Dogs with Alopecia need Rompers. Shielding the whole body from the sun, there is no fear of burning the skin. In hot weather, Rompers can be wetted down to keep your dog cool.


*Extra cover in air conditioning or when no blanket is around

*Warmth on windy or cool days

*Camping trips & airplane rides

*Lounging & sleeping in breathable cotton

Rompers for Body Protection from Stitches & Sun

They won't feel the heat & love being outside!


*Breathable/Covers the whole body

*Stretches for easy on/off

*Machine washable/dryable

*Harness opening

*No velcro or zippers

*Made in the USA

*Made to last!

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